London St Pancras International

Location Details


Euston Road

Access in Detail

Platform A
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  • Platform A
  • Ramp for Train Access
  • Platform A
  • Unisex Accessible Toilet
  • Vertical Grab Rails
  • Large Cubicle
  • Help Point
  • Lift to Platforms A and B  First Capital Connect
  • Lift to Platforms A and B First Capital Connect
  • Seating
  • Stairs to Platform A
  • Handrails
  • Escalator to Platform A
Platform Number A
There is staff assistance available on the platform.
There are train announcements.
There are display boards on this platform.
The display boards show the next departure.
The display boards show the next few departures.
There are coloured zones indicating where you should board the train for First or Standard accommodation.
Boarding ramps are available – please contact the station operator to book assistance.

Unisex Accessible Toilet

There are unisex accessible toilet facilities available.
The door width is adequate.
The main entrance doors of the toilet are not automatic.
The entrance door to the toilet opens out.
The door is light enough to open easily.
The toilet layout is suitable for right-handed transfers.
There are grab rails present.
There are vertical grab rails on either side of the wash basin.
There is an assistance alarm provided.
There is a large cubicle available.

Help Point

The Help Point is white.
There are 5 identical help points spread at intervals along the platform.
The Help Point has an induction loop fitted.
There is contact options for both Information and Emergencies.

Lift to Platforms A and B First Capital Connect

The lift car dimensions are sufficient for a wheelchair user and their companion.
The lift has audible announcements.
The buttons are also in Braille.
There is an emergency alarm button in easy reach for all users.
The lift has a separate entrance and exit door.


The seats provided are stable.
Seating is provided in a range of heights.
The seating has armrests.

Stairs to Platform A

The stairs are not outdoors.
Number of Steps: 7,7,6,7
There is a visual contrast between the step edge and the tread.
The steps have handrails.
The handrail is continuous.
The steps and the immediate area are well lit.

Escalator to Platform A

The escalator travels both ways.
Warning/advisory signs are located on the approach to the escalator.
The escalator landings are clear and unobstructed.

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